Thursday, April 10, 2008

... Is This Thing Still On?

Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger. For shame.

So! What's new at Chez Nemo. Well, I learned casting on and joining in the round on DPNs, which went rather well. I decided to cast on the same hat pattern again, this time using smaller gauge yarn (Moda Dea 'Tweedle Dee' in Cinnamon Twist, which means self-shading beret! Yay! The yarn is also incredibly cushy.) That should technically fix the problem, provided I also don't make the body too long. I did not poke myself in the eye this time around, but I will say that I am not a big fan of purling on DPNs in the first row with splitty yarn. It took me about an hour to finish that first round. And then I put it down and haven't picked it back up yet. I'll get around to it. Sometime.

I have also figured out that sadly, the acrylic content in the Gigantic Hat is way outnumbering the natural fiber content, and so... no felting. Damn. I really really hate having that amount of yarn go to waste. And yes, it was good for practice, but... I would've really liked to have a pretty red hat. Oh well.

I also cast on for a Sunday Market Shawl, which is so pretty it really should not be this easy to make. I am using Noro Kureyon (finally!) and size 13 needles, which is about three sizes bigger than she recommends (although she does say that if you are a tight knitter going up two sizes or so is a good idea - I just went three up instead of two...) So far it looks fine to me, and I did want it to be quite loose and not too overly warm. I like the Kureyon so far, the striping amuses me to no end, but it is kinda hard on the fingers... There are still a couple twigs stuck in the fiber here and there, and the fiber is a little irritating, but the end result is so going to be worth it, I can tell.

And on a completely different note, I want to tell you about this show I went to the other day. We went to see a band called The New Cities at the Paramount Lounge here in Moncton, and I had a freaking blast. It's a six-man band from Montreal (or Trois-Rivieres, depending who you ask, but... whatever.) There were maybe... 25 people there, which kinda sucked for them, but they still went all out and gave an amazing show. They're really good, very energetic, and I love their sound. They're also super friendly - my friends and I bought posters and I decided I wanted them to sign it, so we went around asking each one to sign. They were so nice, they each actually hung around and talked to us, and I had as much fun doing that as I did watching the show. (I especially liked the drummer, he was such a cutie. Actually they're all cute, but... he was the cutest. Yes, I sound like a third-grader, shut up.) I bought their EP and I am super excited that they're coming out with an album this summer, so... Yeah. Check them out and give them some love!

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