Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crunch Time

So I'm in the middle of a knitting frenzy, as odd as that may sound (though to those of you who knit, that's probably 'not at all'). Christmas is soon (kinda snuck up on me - where the hell did November go??) and I have a zillion projects on the go. The optimist in me says I'll totally get them done in time, but the realist part of me is going "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! LACEWEIGHT SCARF?! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! BULKY YARN! BIG NEEDLES! NOTHING BIGGER THAN A HAT! GO! GO! GO!"

It's craziness.

In the meantime I've managed to finish a few things, some of which will actually be given out as gifts.

Yoga socks for mom. The color is a little off (have I mentioned I hate my camera?) but you get the idea. For the observant among you, yes that is single crochet around the heel. If I were to do these again I would use a ribbing pattern for the whole thing, instead of stockinette - they would fit better and the crochet wouldn't be necessary, since the heel wouldn't curl like that.

Another beret, using the same pattern as the other one I made except with the brim a little wider, and the body a little shorter. I originally was making this for myself but once again, Nat mentioned she reaaaally liked it... And to be honest she looks damn cute in it once again, so I gave it to her. (I do borrow it from time to time...) I was planning to make her a matching scarf for Christmas but I determined that I didn't have the time to finish if I was going to make anything else for other people, and since I have other gifts for Nat I decided to put the scarf on hold.

This photo is proof that my camera blows all kinds of chunks. The color is not even close to accurate, so here's a picture of the yarn so you can kinda imagine the result.

I made this one for myself (and actually kept it), to match my blue winter coat. I'm impressed at myself for this one, apparently I've gotten better at eyeballing sizes - this hat fits perfectly, even though I started decreasing at 4.5 inches instead of 5.5. If I'd kept going it would be much too big. So yay me!

I also made a neckwarmer for my grandmother out of a fuzzy chenille yarn that reminded me of leopard print. There is no photographic evidence of this because I am a moron and forgot to take a picture of the yarn or the work. I still need to sew some buttons on it though, so once I do that I'll take pics.

So here's what needs to get done before Christmas: a scarf in pink laceweight mohair for my aunt (currently at about 50% completion), a beret for Danielle out of a purple and black boucle (probably going to hibernate this till after Christmas as boucle is hard as f#$! to work with), a hat for my uncle, another hat for Harry (I never know what to call him... 'stepdad'? 'My mom's husband'? Whatever.) and a bunch of i-cord bracelets for some girl friends. Crystal's mittens have been put on hold, as have the slippers - I know, I know, priorities, but they'll understand.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The FO Parade

And we're back! With FOs!

In the past couple months my knitting education has continued, especially since it is no longer hotter than the seventh level of hell in the apartment (next year: air conditioning. Seriously.) And since I haven't posted in such a long time, it stands to reason that I would have a lot of finished stuff to show off. So without further ado here is the FO Parade!

Finished Little Leaf hat. It turned out a bit big for a newborn, but babies' heads grow fast and winter is coming quickly. The baby this is meant for is due in about a month, so I'm thinking this hat will see some fair usage. This is the project that made my mom click in that I was actually a knitter and actually making pretty, useful things. (Now she won't stop hounding me for a Sunday Market shawl. Too bad for her, I don't think I could survive another one quite so soon. I'm planning a Moebius wrap for her for Christmas.)

Kitty ears hat, here modeled by Nathalie. This one is so so, I kinda wish I'd done it in the round with a three-needle bind off instead of my half-assed seaming. It also ended up way too big for the person I intended to give it to, so it's sitting in the workbin doing nothing right now.

Same pattern as Rusty, this one was for a girl from work who was moving away. She really wanted one "like the one you made for Sam", and at the time I was trying to get this Manos yarn to become something it didn't really want to be, so I frogged that and just did this instead. I'm not entirely happy with the fringe, it stayed curly and I didn't have the patience to block it. But she liked it so, I guess it's ok. (The ladybug button is kind of an inside joke, and my way of wishing her luck.)

A couple cup sleeves I crocheted. That's right, crocheted. Chris taught me single, half double and double crochet, and these were my practice runs on single crochet. So, will I be trading in my needles for hooks?... Yeah not likely. Sure it's faster, but it cramps my fingers and I don't like the look as much as knitting. Also for some reason it makes me nervous that you're not building on a solid object, but on a chain of loops not really anchored to anything. But at least now if a knit pattern requires me to finish off with crochet I can do it.

Armwarmers for Chibi, modified with eyelets around the wrist so I could put a ribbon in. (Apparently I can't tie a bow to save my life. Who knew!)

Now this I am still pretty darn proud of. I finished this two days ago and dang it, I felt pretty damn smart. It's a beret I made for Nat, using the Freedom Spirit I still had at the bottom of my stash that was doing nothing. I originally cast it on for myself but she mentioned she liked that yarn a lot, so I decided she could have it. And then she put it on and looked so friggin' cute so that sealed it. (She made me a pretty pretty set of stitch markers in exchange, so everyone is happy!) I'm casting on a set of fingerless mitts to match with the last skein. This hat used exactly one ball, with maybe a yard left over. I did a happy dance. Pics of her wearing it will be taken soon.

So what is next for the Nemo?

Well, I picked up another skein of Manos del Uruguay at the Farmers' Market a couple weeks ago, because it immediately made me think of my mother. I made her some yoga socks (no heels, no toes so she can still have a good grip on the floor) and they are almost done, all they need is single crochet around the heel slit. They're a little big so they might get felted a tad before she gets them.

Then my friend Crystal requested some mittens, and I will most likely use my leftover Patons Rumor for that, though I'm kind of on the fence about it since it is mostly acrylic (and the alpaca sheds like a bitch). But unless I can find a really nice bulky red wool, that's what I plan to use.

And today my grandmother said she'd like some thick wool socks to keep her feet warm in winter, so we took a trip to Cricket Cove. Then we decided to make that felted clogs instead, and she ended up buying not only the yarn, but also the needles and the pattern so I could make them for her. It was a bit expensive and I feel bad she paid that much, but she wouldn't let me foot the bill even for the needles and pattern. So I'll be making her those, out of Alafoss Lopi wool. Everyone says that pattern is simple once you get the hang of it, but the instructions look a little daunting... Oh well, nothing like a challenge! (That had a little bit of an ominous feel to it, didn't it? Sort of like famous last words.)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

Hello lamppost, whatcha knowin'? I've come to watch your flowers growin'!

Today's been a really good day. And I mean, a good day. I woke up feeling rested, which I never do, and got early leave from work after about an hour. Then a couple of my coworkers came and hung out here at the apartment for a couple hours, and one of them, Marc-Andre, plugged up my hard drive in my new computer. And that means I have all my files back! I'm so excited! I didn't realize how much music I actually listened to until I had nothing at all.

I don't actually have time to do a full-blown progress post like I was planning to, with pictures of the frogged hat and hermit crabs and whatnot, but here are two things I did want to put up:

1. Finally. Finished. The Sunday Market shawl. OH MY GOD.

The laddering process was fun, but it took for-goddamn-ever.

Totally worth it though. It came out looking amazing. I gave it to my friend Elise for her birthday (which meant staying up till 3 am to finish the ladders, but whatevs) and she really liked it.

2. Baby hat ftw:

That's totally not the right color, but whatever. It's almost done. Which is good because I just got a whole whack of books with baby knitting patterns, and there are babies popping up all over the place around me, so I've got some knittin' to do!

That's it for tonight. Ceeeeeeeelia, you're breakin' my heart, you're shakin' my confidence daillyyyyyyyy... Ohh Ceceeeeelia, I'm down on my knees, I'm begging you please to come home!

(It's funny to me that that song makes me so happy. It's about a chick cheating on her boyfriend.)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do Not Adjust Your Set

So my computer decided it couldn't take the heat anymore (literally), and kicked the proverbial bucket. In order to fully comprehend the impact this has had on me, let me tell you about my computer.

My computer is named Deep Thought. It was named after the second most powerful computer in the Universe (according to Douglas Adams). It was most definitely not the second most powerful computer in... well anywhere except maybe the room it was in, and only then if there were less than two other computers present. It was, however, a huge improvement on my previous computer, which I had dubbed The Millenium Falcon. The MF was a hunk of junk. State of the art when we bought it, sure, in ... 1990? Something like that? 2GB hard drive, 33.6k dial up modem, ran Windows 95... Took about two hours to download one song, and even then you could only store about twenty on the thing before it began acting like a constipated elephant.

So when I got my first job, wage-slaving it at Toys R Us at 16, I saved up and bought myself a brand spankin' new computer. 80GB hard drive, Windows XP when it was still the New Thing, DVD drive and CD+RW drive... Not a super fancy video card or sound card, but enough at the time to do what I wanted it to do.

That computer has been with me for just about, oh... six years now? It moved to Montreal with me. It moved back to Moncton with me two years later. It's had parts taken out, put back in, it's had Windows reinstalled and all kinds of things have gone wrong with it. For a while now it's been ailing, the motherboard wasn't quite what it used to be and I think that reinstalling a maybe not-so-legit copy of Windows on it wasn't quite a smart thing to do (I blame the ex-boyfriend for that, I told him to use my copy but nooo, that wasn't good enough for him... But that's another story). So it's been stuck on Service Pack 1, with no Windows updates available because it wouldn't clear the genuine software verification, I couldn't run more than two programs at once without everything slowing way down and some programs would just not run at all. If I needed to restart the computer, I had to shut it all the way down, power it off and unplug it, leave it alone for about a half hour and then maybe it would come back on if it felt like it. So instead I just left it on. All the time.

So when I got home last week and found it powered off, alarm bells started blaring in my mind. And sure enough, no amount of trying would get my poor computer to power back on.

It kinda sucked for timing, too, cause I'd been meaning to blog about a bunch of things that had been happening that week, and now all the pictures are stuck on that hard drive. My mom gave me her computer, which is in much better shape than Deep Thought was and is now purring happily in my living room, but - and let me stress the importance of this - I have no files on this thing. No music. No pictures. No saved text files with appointment times, bookmarks, resumes, what have you.

I feel almost naked, and I am going into severe music withdrawal.

So the point of all this is, until I can get my hard drive slaved to this computer, I can't write about all the stuff I wanted to write about. So let's just pretend there are some pretty pictures here of the hat I made then frogged, the new yarn I got, the scarf I'm making for a coworker, the baby hat I'm halfway done with, the hermit crabs from the beach, the necklace I bought at the market...

Or better yet, I'll save all those for a future post. How's that?

Oh, and PS. Deep Thought will not go unremembered. My friends and I are planning to take it apart and use the innards for art.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Hey there, long time no blog! June is always kind of a busy month for me, what with birthdays and graduations and stuff like that (we've had grads something like five years in a row, starting with my high school grad, through my cousin's, my brother's, my other cousin's, my mom's partner's daughters, and this year three of my friends graduated university... Congrats to them, I'm super proud of them). So here's a quick recap of the stuff that happened in June!

First, there were birthdays. My mom's is on the 16th and mine is on the 18th, so we had a few parties. My grandmother had us over for supper, and made me a zucchini-chocolate-chip cake with cream cheese icing, my special request. It was really good (of course it was, otherwise I wouldn't have requested it!)

The gang all pitched in to get me a kickass present (thanks again, guys!):

A ball winder! I was so excited. That night we had supper at a pub I love here in Moncton and then we came back here, hung out and played Guitar Hero while a little drunk on Jello margarita shooters that Brian brought (thanks, Brian!) I showed everyone (repeatedly) how to use the ball winder. I don't think I've ever done anything as much fun as drunken wool winding:

That's just from that one night! Then on the actual day of my birthday I was told by Nat not to come home early cause she had to have time to plan her birthday surprise for me. Turns out she'd bought a lemon pie for me, because my favorite dessert is lemon meringue pie, and she'd been trying to make the meringue. I guess our beater isn't fast enough though, so she ended up making me cinnamon raisin French toast instead - which were super good, and we still had pie afterwards, so I was super happy! She'd also gotten organic snickerdoodles. (So, logically, yellow round thing with slices taken out of it + small round thing = Pac-Man picture.)

(We have a thing about making food in the shape of Pac-Man:

See? We were especially proud of the pancakes. Kudos go to Nat for those. My roommate is awesome.)

She also got me the Flight of the Conchords CD, a pineapple lip gloss and the best birthday card ever. Handmade, handpainted, and it made me cry and laugh at the same time. (I do believe I snorted.)

Now onto knitting news! (Cause, you know, that stuff about the ball winder had nothing to do with knitting.)

I finished the Fingerless Gloves of Doom, Take II. No, I don't have a picture because I'm an idiot and didn't take any yet. No, I can't take one now because they're in my locker at work. No, I'm not wearing them so much there - I started bringing a blanket to my desk instead cause dang it, that place is getting colder every damn day.

I worked a little on my Sunday Market shawl. I made about... oh... two inches' worth of progress. Plain stockinette is boring. So to liven it up, I decided to try continental knitting instead of English style. I can't do the purls yet, but the knits go so much faster! It's easier on tiny needles than on my 13s, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

Speaking of tiny needles, I wound up my odd lot of Fleece artist and cast on my very first lace project, the Butterfly Lace Stole from Knit N Style magazine:

I cast on using size 3 needles instead of the suggested size 6, which means that I am totally disregarding gauge, which is reckless and dumb what with the not knowing the yardage on that skein, but... I don't really care. If it's too big, it's a shawl. If it's too small, it's a scarf. If it's useless but pretty, it's wall art. So there.

I also kind of went book-crazy. Chapters is having this sale right now where if you buy 3 books, you get the 4th free... So... Here's what I got:

Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules!, which I devoured and loved every bit of. Great book, super helpful.
Knitting New Scarves by Lynne Barr, which has a few so-so designs but a also few really freaking great ones.
Judith Durrant's One-Skein Wonders. Some super cute stuff in this one, and y'all know I've got plenty of just-one-skeinage.
Jackie Pawlowski's Field Guide to Knitting, for the impressive stitch and edging library.
Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden. I don't crochet but it looks like I'm gonna damn well have to start.

The astute among you will have noticed that that is five books, not four. Well, that would be because I got three other books, but they're not knitting books. I got 'Fragile Things' by Neil Gaiman, which is a short story anthology that I am really liking so far, 'Those Left Behind' in hardcover which is the first Serenity comic book, and this gem, 'POPS!' by Krystina Castella, which is super awesome recipes for frozen pops and desserts, classy-style. It is unbelievably cute, and I might just have to go back for her cupcake book.

And finally, I have yet to mention here that my good friend Chris (the instigator of the Get Nemo a Yarn Winder Movement) has started teaching some beginners' knitting classes at Cricket Cove! Yay Chris! I'm super psyched for him, and I know his students are in good hands. Congrats Chris!

Whew! That's it for now. I will hopefully return soon with pictures of my knitting endeavors!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Party Hats On... NOW!

Yay, I'm now officially 22!

That is all.

(I might post later today. Maybe. If I'm not drunk.)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick FO And Some Silliness

Yep, you read that right! A real, honest-to-goodness FO. Sure, it's a simple one, but whatever.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy handwarmers. I used size 7 needles and about half a skein of my red Manos Del Uruguay 100% Wool. I especially like how the stockinette looks in this gauge, it makes a really nice fabric:

Nathalie called them my 'Fingerless Gloves of Doom', so that is what they are. These aren't even worked in the round, that's how lazy I am. But my hands were cold at work all the time, so I figured quick and easy was the ticket. Actually, these ended up going to a coworker, so my hands are still cold at work... Which is why I cast on a second pair, this time with ribbing at the top so it doesn't curl. (Duh, stockinette curls, you'd think I'd have caught on by now...)

Progress on the second pair:

This pair is done in Twilleys of Stamford 'Freedom Spirit', in a purple/green colorway which I guess is called 'Zest' (it doesn't say that on my skeins, but Ravelry says that's what it's called, so... Yeah.)

And now for some very silly things.

First up is a picture of my friend Tom, "cosplaying" as the Prince of All Cosmos with the help of a couch cushion and a knitting needle:

And finally, this is what happens when Chris decides he wants to use the camera, but he isn't sure which button does what. (This was hilarious to watch.)

My friends are awesome.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ten Signs You've Been Watching Too Much Veronica Mars

10. You start narrating everything in your head.

9. You treat every single detail as if it's super important. A receipt from Wal-Mart in the garbage? That must be a clue!

8. You have freaky ass dreams about Logan Echolls refusing to sell you a voodoo doll. (Actually, that's if you watch too much Veronica Mars... and are also crazy.)

7. You cannot get that god damned Dandy Warhols song out of your head.

6. Your knitting blog reminds you of that one episode where Beaver wasn't invited to the shooting range his dad and brother were going to, cause he said "Guess I'll just sit here and knit something then." (That line was hilarious.)

5. You learn that Jason Dohring is in Moonlight, playing a vampire P.I. no less, and despite the clip you find on YouTube being incredibly cheesy, you immediately resolve to watch it anyway.

4. You're still humming 'We Used To Be Friends'.

3. You finish watching Season 1, and instead of waiting for the next download to finish, you race to take the bus to Wal-Mart a half hour before they close to buy Season 2.

2. At work, you suddenly find yourself emulating Kristen Bell's voice and mannerisms.

1. You really, really wanna be a P.I. now.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Great Cake Caper

... Heehee, caper. I like that word. Caper. It makes everything sound like so much fun, even if it was just making a cake. Although, to be fair, it was a pretty intense cake project.

My friend Natalie (not my roommate, another one... I know like five. They do get confusing) was turning 25 and having an 80s themed party. It was a lot of fun - we all dressed up, we played Singstar and Guitar Hero 80s, and we watched Interview with the Vampire (which, okay, is not an 80s movie, but we enjoyed it all the same, dammit.) Some choice pictures:

The birthday girl with her tiara, courtesy of me and Nathalie!

I think my favorite part of this one is how fierce Nathalie looks with that guitar controller.

Chris didn't dress up so much - that polo is from the 80s, but it still needed something else. Enter Elise and the rad Flock of Seagulls hairdo.

Pac-Man nacho dip by Elise.

Charles getting into the spirit of his 'chezzy rocker' outfit.

Nathalie went the Madonna route with her costume.

I am told this is very 80s... I think it's nifty, anyway.

I decided I would provide the birthday cake, and that it would be a red velvet 'bloody' cake. Now somewhere along the way I learned that Natalie didn't like chocolate, so... well, red velvet was out, since it's a chocolate-flavored cake. It kinda screwed with my ideas on what to do decoration wise. But then inspiration hit - probably from watching wayyyy too much Buffy - what about a coffin cake? Vanilla, with gray-tinged icing, and slightly ajar, with raspberry coulis leaking out of it. Not 80s, no. But still wicked cool. So Nat and I pumped ourselves up with lots and lots of 80s music and set to work.

My roommate helped me hardcore with this project - it was my design and all, but most of the actual decoration work was hers. All I really did was make the mix, pour it in a square pan, and turn the oven on. Then I made the gray icing, but she did supervise that - as she frequently reminds me, she's taken entire courses on how to mix colors, so she knows much more than I do about that. Then Nat cut the cake in a coffin shape, and we baked a separate, thinner layer for the lid and cut that to shape. We cut out a hollow in the cake, about half an inch deep, and smushed a bunch of raspberries with a tiny bit of sugar, and filled the hollow with them. We iced the sides and the rim of the hollow, then put the lid on top - slightly open, and iced that. Then we used more of the raspberry mush to have it overflowing out the side that was open, and over the side of the plate as if something had crawled out of the coffin trailing blood. Nat used green icing and some sugar roses to decorate the top and sides of the coffin, and I put a gummy spider on one side of it and one in the trail of blood. The end result was exactly what I wanted, and a big hit at the party - it tasted pretty darn good, too. (Progress pictures are coming - as soon as Nat unloads her camera!)

We made cupcakes to match, since the cake ended up pretty small:

Note the gummy spiders and smushed raspberry 'blood'.

It was Charles's birthday the day after, so we made him special boobie cupcakes (linked in case you don't want to see cartoony boobies). He liked them.

All and all, a good time was had by all. (Except maybe for poor Nick, who is severely allergic to Jake, Natalie's cat. Poor thing.)

On the knitting front, I haven't really gotten anything done. I had kind of a long week, with work (my company moved buildings this week, it's a mess), and scriptwriting, and the cake-planning and shopping, plus yesterday I had a bellydancing workshop and dinner-and-show event for my teacher's 10-year anniversary of dancing. It was a lot of fun, but... this weekend tired me right out.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

To The Yarn Shop We Went

Ok. Uh... Yeah. Still here. Yarn? Yes.

My friends and I went to London-Wul last Thursday. I'd already been once before with my roommate, and we wanted to take Chris there cause, in Nat's words, 'he would shit a brick'. Here in Moncton we have about three places we can go for yarn: Wal-Mart, Michaels and Cricket Cove. Wal-Mart and Michaels carry mostly commercial, acrylic yarns, and we've (well, at least I've) kinda... graduated from those. Cricket Cove is awesome for fancier yarns, and I love going there, but they are still quite small and they don't carry handspun (and... I'm a sucker for handspun.) London-Wul, however, is not just a yarn shop, it's also Heidi Wulfraat's workshop, where she spins and dyes really gorgeous yarns. They also have pretty hand-turned needles, and they have a bunch of commercial yarn too - some that Cricket Cove doesn't have. It's really worth the trip - about a 15 minute drive from where we are - just to see the place. It's smack in the middle of nowhere, it's gorgeous, it's big but it feels cozy, there are birdies and a gorgeous huuuuuge super shy dog... There are big wood sheep outside with the heads cut out so you can take pictures with your face in a sheep. Chris. Was gonna. Shit. A brick.

The plan was to blindfold him and drive him there without telling him where we were taking him (how, I do not know - it's not like he'd have let us drive his car) and then un-blindfold him once inside the store (and hopefully the owners/staff wouldn't call the cops on us. "There's some... weird people in the store... I think they've kidnapped some guy."). The plan was flawed, first because of that car thing, and second because... well... he'd already heard of the place. We still wanted to be there when he went, though, just to see his face. So Nat, Chris, his girlfriend Danielle (remember her? the one who looked adorable in the slouchy hat?), their friend Valerie (a non-knitter, poor girl) and myself piled in Chris's car and moseyed on over to Lakeburn.

(Well. We had breakfast at Cora's on the way. It was good... except for my honeydew melon, which was crunchy. That was somewhat less than pleasant.)

Anyway. Chris's reaction did not disappoint, and a good time was had by all. Even Valerie, who said she didn't know the first thing about knitting, kept getting excited by the pretty yarn. (That's the first step... Insert evil cackle here.) Here's my portion of the haul:

Dazzle ribbon yarn by Estelle, with which I have cast on a bellydancing fringe belt.

Two skeins of handspun, handdyed polwarth wool. The green and blue one I actually already had from my last visit there, but I hadn't posted about it (see: wanting to surprise Chris.) The pink and white one I was kinda looking at, and then someone behind me said, Oh, nice, strawberries and cream! and the idea latched itself firmly in my brain, and I went 'yoink!' and promptly bought it. Not sure I would have if that idea hadn't taken root, but I'm glad I did.

This... this is something special. It's an 'odd lot', and the tag says... nothing. Seriously. All I know is that it is dyed by the Fleece Artist, but it doesn't match any of their colorways; it's 110g; it's a two-ply, but not quite laceweight (or at least, a bigger gauge laceweight than my Knitpicks Shimmer); and it's gorgeous. Fiber content? Yardage? Suggested gauge and needle size? What on earth I'm gonna do with it? I have no idea! The yarn feels like it could be mostly wool, maybe merino, and it's a little bit hazy like alpaca, but hell, don't quote me on that.

Anyway. All in all, I'd consider our expedition to London-Wul a resounding success, if not entirely healthy for my credit card. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go smell my Fleece Artist - it still smells like the yarn shop...

Saturday, April 26, 2008


As promised:

This is the just-done pic, taken right when I got home with it. It's red and kinda swollen and all, and the color looks off till it heals, but I like it a lot :) A lot of people are asking me what it is. It's a peacock. (Not a turkey.) They do seem to realize it when they look closely at the feathers, though... I'm thinking when it's not so red anymore it'll look more like a peacock.


I've been taking a little knitting break, only knitting at work a little bit, and I haven't done any at home at all in the past couple weeks. I think it's because I've kind of lost interest in all the projects I have on the needles at the moment, but I don't want to start anything new right now, either. I at least want to free up a stitch holder or two before I start something new. Hopefully this week I'll feel more like working on my Sunday Market shawl - which looks really good so far in the Silk Garden, I love the colors and feel. I also have a fringe belt planned out in my colorful ribbon yarn for a friend of mine who bellydances, which would mean ripping out one of the versions of the Holi belt that I still have on a stitch holder.

I went to the library the other day and picked up a bunch of books... I got a book on crochet, which hopefully I'll be able to use to teach myself the basics. I also got 'Knitting for Peace' which I'd been meaning to read, but I'm sorta glad I didn't buy it, to be honest. It's an alright book, but not quite worth the cover price to me. I got 'Charted Knitting Designs' by Barbara G. Walker as well, and I'm thinking I'll actually go ahead and purchase my own copy of that one - it's gorgeous. (And then I went a little crazy and checked out a book on Macrame along with the rest. I don't know, it sounded like fun at the time.)

And now for the big news: I got tattooed today! It was my very first, a henna-style peacock on my left ankle, and I'm really happy with the result. The colors look weird right now because it's not healed, but it's a reddish-brown so it even looks like henna. It hurt like a bitch, too - right on the bone... Like, it was bad enough when he was doing the outline on the skin, it was like he was just scratching me with a needle, but then when he got to the ankle bone and the bone was vibrating... Well that sucked. But it didn't take too long and I took it like a big girl, no whining or anything. It helped that Nat was there distracting me (I don't know how we got on the subject, but she discouraged me from 'knitting on the beach' this summer, because the work would get all sandy and smelly. The tattoo artist was like, "Knitting... on the beach? Geez, that's the first time I've heard that.")

Pictures soon when the roommie unloads them off her camera :D

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nothing Better

Is there any better treat for a knitter than finding someone who likes the stuff you've made enough to wear it? I'm ecstatic right now. My friend Danielle was just here and tried on the Slouch beret, and because she has beautiful curly hair with lots of body, it fit her perfectly. Here she is modeling it and looking adorable:

There are no words to properly describe how happy I am that she not only looked good in it, she liked it enough to wear it. So I happily gave it to her. And then I found these:

Little almost-steampunk ragamuffin wristwarmers that I'd made wayyy back in ... January or so, they didn't fit me very well - too big, I have tiny midget hands. Here modeled by Chel, for whose hands these could have been custom made, and who liked them enough to take them as a gift! Two FOs to good homes in one evening! It's so encouraging.

My latest expedition to Cricket Cove resulted in my acquisition of these beauties:

More Manos del Uruguay 100% Wool, this time in a beautiful variegated red, and

Noro Silk Garden.

I ended up frogging what I already had of the Sunday Market shawl in the Kureyon, for a few reasons. First, the thing was so wide I would've run out of yarn way before it was even close to long enough for a shawl. Second, I found the yarn too stiff for a shawl. And third, after the pretty purple and the vibrant pink and the gorgeous green was this ugly, ugly stripe of... Cheeto orange. Euurgh. Chris said I should just cut it and join the yarn again when the orange was over, but since I already didn't have enough yarn to make it long enough... I figured I'd save the Kureyon for something else, where the orange wouldn't bother me so much, and cast the Sunday Market shawl in the Silk Garden instead. There's still orange in this colorway, but much more muted and elegant, less... day-glo.