Friday, May 23, 2008

Ten Signs You've Been Watching Too Much Veronica Mars

10. You start narrating everything in your head.

9. You treat every single detail as if it's super important. A receipt from Wal-Mart in the garbage? That must be a clue!

8. You have freaky ass dreams about Logan Echolls refusing to sell you a voodoo doll. (Actually, that's if you watch too much Veronica Mars... and are also crazy.)

7. You cannot get that god damned Dandy Warhols song out of your head.

6. Your knitting blog reminds you of that one episode where Beaver wasn't invited to the shooting range his dad and brother were going to, cause he said "Guess I'll just sit here and knit something then." (That line was hilarious.)

5. You learn that Jason Dohring is in Moonlight, playing a vampire P.I. no less, and despite the clip you find on YouTube being incredibly cheesy, you immediately resolve to watch it anyway.

4. You're still humming 'We Used To Be Friends'.

3. You finish watching Season 1, and instead of waiting for the next download to finish, you race to take the bus to Wal-Mart a half hour before they close to buy Season 2.

2. At work, you suddenly find yourself emulating Kristen Bell's voice and mannerisms.

1. You really, really wanna be a P.I. now.

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