Saturday, December 6, 2008

Crunch Time

So I'm in the middle of a knitting frenzy, as odd as that may sound (though to those of you who knit, that's probably 'not at all'). Christmas is soon (kinda snuck up on me - where the hell did November go??) and I have a zillion projects on the go. The optimist in me says I'll totally get them done in time, but the realist part of me is going "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! LACEWEIGHT SCARF?! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! BULKY YARN! BIG NEEDLES! NOTHING BIGGER THAN A HAT! GO! GO! GO!"

It's craziness.

In the meantime I've managed to finish a few things, some of which will actually be given out as gifts.

Yoga socks for mom. The color is a little off (have I mentioned I hate my camera?) but you get the idea. For the observant among you, yes that is single crochet around the heel. If I were to do these again I would use a ribbing pattern for the whole thing, instead of stockinette - they would fit better and the crochet wouldn't be necessary, since the heel wouldn't curl like that.

Another beret, using the same pattern as the other one I made except with the brim a little wider, and the body a little shorter. I originally was making this for myself but once again, Nat mentioned she reaaaally liked it... And to be honest she looks damn cute in it once again, so I gave it to her. (I do borrow it from time to time...) I was planning to make her a matching scarf for Christmas but I determined that I didn't have the time to finish if I was going to make anything else for other people, and since I have other gifts for Nat I decided to put the scarf on hold.

This photo is proof that my camera blows all kinds of chunks. The color is not even close to accurate, so here's a picture of the yarn so you can kinda imagine the result.

I made this one for myself (and actually kept it), to match my blue winter coat. I'm impressed at myself for this one, apparently I've gotten better at eyeballing sizes - this hat fits perfectly, even though I started decreasing at 4.5 inches instead of 5.5. If I'd kept going it would be much too big. So yay me!

I also made a neckwarmer for my grandmother out of a fuzzy chenille yarn that reminded me of leopard print. There is no photographic evidence of this because I am a moron and forgot to take a picture of the yarn or the work. I still need to sew some buttons on it though, so once I do that I'll take pics.

So here's what needs to get done before Christmas: a scarf in pink laceweight mohair for my aunt (currently at about 50% completion), a beret for Danielle out of a purple and black boucle (probably going to hibernate this till after Christmas as boucle is hard as f#$! to work with), a hat for my uncle, another hat for Harry (I never know what to call him... 'stepdad'? 'My mom's husband'? Whatever.) and a bunch of i-cord bracelets for some girl friends. Crystal's mittens have been put on hold, as have the slippers - I know, I know, priorities, but they'll understand.

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