Monday, February 25, 2008

Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

Hm, now I have that song stuck in my head.

So I have mentioned before how I have a yarn obsession. My friends thought I was kidding. How bad could it be, right? Well, yesterday I went to Michael's with my friends Elise and Crystal. I hadn't seen Elise in about a year, which really shouldn't happen, I love that girl. Anyway Michael's had apparently received a whole bunch of new stock in yarn, or I was blind last time I went, or something, so I ended up walking out of there with a huge friggin' pile of goodies. I couldn't help myself. It was all so pretty. I'm actually impressed I didn't get more, to be honest. But I was sitting there in the yarn aisle, tallying up my purchases in my head, and the number I arrived to was... well kinda high. (To be fair I knew I was gonna spend a good chunk of money when I went out, but I wasn't exactly planning to spend it there. I didn't even get to Cricket Cove. Ah well.)

Anyway. Total damage for my escapade at Michael's? Are you sure you wanna know?


Yeah, you read that right.

The cashier kind of hesitated before giving me my total, and my friends both kind of gasped in horror. To tell the truth even I kinda jumped, but it was a momentary thing. I then cheerfully handed the clerk my debit card and paid. I have no regrets! The Patons is gorgeous, okay? But then as I walked out of the store, I remembered I have an order coming in from Knitpicks pretty soon. I almost got dizzy from stash happiness overload. I'm gonna need a bigger organizer...

I ended up spending the rest of the day with Elise and her birdie Kalani, who is adorable and kept cuddling on my shoulder, but goddamn it birdie stop pooping on my sweater okay?

Then last night, I knew I had a mountain of dishes to wash (I'm not exaggerating, I really procrastinated something terrible in the last ... oh, three weeks or so). So, when I got home, of course I... you know... cast on a scarf... and set up an impromptu photo shoot for my stash. I swear I could have my own lolcat caption. Priorities: Ur doin it wrong!

I managed to get good pics of pretty much every kind of yarn I have (except the stuff in the bottom drawer of the organizer. That's the yarn graveyard. Nobody cares about that Red Heart Super Saver in black that's all rolled up in like, six different-sized balls now because I got sick of working with it and frogged the whole damn thing.) Then today I was supposed to go get a haircut, maybe go to the bank, do some laundry, do the dishes (cause, you know, I didn't do them last night)...

Three guesses what I did? If you guessed laundry, haircut, dishes or bank, you are maybe a slow learner.

I put up all my pictures on Ravelry. Knit. Organized the stash. Queued a few things on Ravelry. Then my roommate called me and said, Hey let's watch a movie, so... that's what we did! And then we watched another movie! I swear, the procrastination... it's a disease.

But then Crystal showed up and whipped me into shape. She needed help with her CV, and my mama trained me pretty darn well on those, so she said if I helped her with that she'd help me with dishes. But not only did she help with dishes, she picked up the mess that had been accumulating in the dining room/art space, swept the floors, and made me clean out the fridge of any past-date food (there wasn't that much, surprisingly, but we managed to free up a few tupperwares. So that's where they were.)

I am maybe not winning any awards for Housekeeper of the Year soon, but at least now I have dishes/counter space/no rotten food in the fridge! Woo!

In other news, I finally finished the Color Purple scarf. Fringed it at work while on calls and did a little dance. It looks really good, but the camera just will not get a good shot of the color. This picture is closer to it than the last one was, but my camera pretty much sucks.

Next I am almost done Rusty, which is a garter stitch/drop stitch scarf I am making for Samantha at work. Then I will work on Cuddles, which is what I dubbed that scarf I cast on for Elise. And then I have a Celtic Cable scarf to make, and a Palindrome Scarf for Sam again, and a pink scarf for Monica, and then scarf scarf scarf, scarf scarf, then scarf scarf scarf scarf.

Are you sensing a theme to my knitting?

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