Monday, February 18, 2008

The Color #@!$ing Purple

Look at this picture.

Take it in. Really memorize it, familiarize yourself with it.

Because it is very possible that soon, I will be needing your testimonies for my insanity plea. "I swear, your honor, the scarf made me do it!"

It's not that I particularly hate the scarf, it's a very nice color (hence why I dubbed it the Color Purple scarf), the pattern is a pretty rib with a bump stitch that looks like a cable (which makes it look more impressive than it really is), and the yarn is incredibly soft (even if it is mostly acrylic). The boucle yarn hides all my mistakes, and I've even snuck in a couple of knots here and there in it (shh!)

So... what's the problem?

The damn thing will. Not. END.

I have been knitting on this thing for like two weeks and I am only halfway done! Even today, I sat down and did a marathon of knitting while watching half the first season of Buffy (shut up I have never watched it before, okay? I was kind of behind on the cool things in high school). And I STILL have only done eight pattern repetitions! At six rows each! In something like five hours!

Also, my hands are cramping something ridiculous.

I swear, I'm gonna end up strangling the next person who asks me when I think I'll be done.

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