Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I had a bit of an epiphany today. I do phone insurance, and today I took a call from a woman to whom we had sent a defective replacement phone. The person she spoke to last apparently didn't really explain what they were doing, and they put a phone on backorder for her. So she called today, frustrated because she didn't have a phone and she couldn't get anyone to help her. I didn't do much, really - just listened to her and did my best to resolve the issue, and it turned out that this woman had cancer and she was in chemo, so the reason she needed her phone was to keep track of her doctors and in case she needed to reach someone for emergencies. She ended up crying, and I could tell this was that very last straw for her. So I got my sup to send her a phone, next day delivery at no charge, and anyway to make a long story short (too late, right) she ended up crying even more because I had been so nice to her and that was all she needed, was one person to listen and understand why this was so important. I ended up almost crying myself at the end of the call, when all she could say through her tears was 'you are so kind and you took the time to listen, and God bless you'. Just the thought that what I did was enough for her to be that touched - and believe me, I didn't do much! - made me teary eyed.

Anyway. After she hung up, my brain just clicked: knit for charity. Yeah, it's not a new idea, but it's just perfect for me - I don't have much time to volunteer, or money to donate (not enough to make a real difference, anyway - though I do contribute wherever I can), but dang it, I can damn well put my hobby to good use! I love giving away stuff I make, and if it benefits someone then everyone's happy. If me taking time to listen to someone made such a difference in that person's day, imagine what I could do with some effort.

So my plan, such as it is so far, is to talk to my grandmother, who volunteers at the hospital, and see if they take knitted donations; if they do, I'll start knitting chemo caps, baby blankets, preemie hats... and donate them there. I also quite like Project Linus, which takes donations of child blankets for kids in need of some comfort (either sick, or in foster care, or who go through traumatic events). I mean, come on, what is more comforting than a good warm security blanket?

I'm also going to try to knit up a flag for the Let There Be Peace project. I picked the Hindu flag, which is red and white and has an Ohm symbol on it. Go check it out, it's a really great project!

In other news: I finished Rusty! Yay! I am sooo happy with how it came out. I love how the fringe pulls it together really well. Sam's promised me a picture of her wearing it, but in the meantime, my makeshift photo-shoot area will have to do:

Tomorrow I am going to Cricket Cove and signing up for a Knit In! My roommate is coming with me, too. It's gonna be awesome!

And finally, just a few pics of some of my haul from Michaels (the non-yarn purchases!)

Gorgeous needle holder by Knitpickers. I wasn't gonna get this, but then... I caved.

Beads! Whee! I am itching to start doing beaded knitting. Woo!

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