Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is There a 12-Step Program for Yarn...?

So I went to Cricket Cove to sign up for the Knit In (yay!) and... well...

Yeah. I bought more yarn. To be fair, it was this:

Yeah. That's Mango Moon Recycled Silk, which comes from saris, people. Saris. This yarn and I were meant to be, you know? When I saw it all I could think of was those gold beads I just bought (see: last post, in the craft drawer) and how freakin' awesome a beaded headscarf made out of this would be.

(No, I'm not telling you how much it was.)

Moving on...

This morning my hair dryer spit out sparks. Yeah, sparks. I had about a split second's warning, a sudden smell of something burning, and all of a sudden the dryer is sputtering and OH MY FREAKING GOD THERE ARE SPARKS SHOOTING AT MY NECK. Thankfully the ... surge protector? or whatever inside the thing shorted out and the whole thing died. Nothing caught fire, and I wasn't harmed. Scared out of my damn fool mind, yes, but not burned or anything. Which, you know, is good, because how insane would I have looked explaining to firemen why, as I was rushing out of the burning building in nothing but a towel, all I could think to save was yarn? ("But look, I could knit myself a sweater! In... a month! Maybe! And look, this is recycled sari silk! This was clearly the important thing to save.")

So I made a detour to Shoppers while on my before-work outing this morning, and got myself a hair dryer. Woo.

Today at work, I ripped out everything I had done so far on Sakura, which is a scarf I am making for one of my coworkers, Monica. (Hi Monica!) I'd been doing just garter stitch, with a dropstitch row near the end... Well, it looked crappy. So instead I am using Crazy Aunt Purl's Magic Scarf pattern, which is pretty freakin' awesome in that it is not a lot of effort, but the end result still looks pretty damn good. It looks puffy right now, but if I pull on it it looks amazing, so I'm hoping it'll block well. Pictures:

Much better.

My friend Crystal had an interview at my work today... I hope she gets it! Everyone cross your fingers for Crystal!

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