Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holi Hai!

Happy Holi everyone!

I posted a while back about Holi, and how I wanted to celebrate it. (Quick refresher - Holi is the Spring festival of colors, celebrated in India by throwing colored powder or water at each other, most often while wearing white clothing so the colors show. I can't run around a call center throwing powder at everyone, so my plan was to get some colorful stickers and stick them on people.) Well, I didn't finish the Holi belt - actually, I finished zero of three incarnations of it - but my amazing roommie came through for me and lent me a white blouse and a gorgeous colorful scarf for the occasion. Then I got these:

which were perfect. Little colorful hands, like I smeared a handful of powder on someone! How cute!

So today I celebrated by running around sticking those things on everyone, yelling 'Happy Holi!' (and then explaining what it was about). It was quite fun actually. I think the only person who enjoyed it as much as I did was the one person who actually knew what the holiday was (he's Hindi). The look on his face was priceless when I got him. I also listened to 'Holi Re' on repeat on my mp3 player. And just so you guys don't think I'm making this up and have gone off the deep end, I went on YouTube and hunted up a bunch of Holi videos for y'all. These are just the Bollywood ones, song-and-dance numbers from movies, but if you put in 'Holi' in the search on YouTube you can find some news coverage and other assorted stuff.

Holi Ke Din from Sholay.
Let's Play Holi from Waqt.
Holi Khele Raghuveera Awadh Mein from Baghbaan.
Rang Barse from Silsila.
Holi Holi Holi from Meri Jung.
Soni Soni from Mohabbatein (this one has Shah Rukh in it, so pay attention...!)
Holi Re from Mangal Pandey (which is what I've been listening to all day.)
Holi Aai Re from Mashaal.
Ayi Hai Holi from Ilaka.
Aayo Phagun and y'all I don't even know what movie that's from, but I'm putting it up here because the quality is hilariously awful.

And now I will go celebrate some more - in the form of cherry cheesecake my grandmother made for me!

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