Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rare FO Sighting

Whoa, whoa, what?! Nemo actually finished something?! Which project was it? The Holi belt? the Rangoli tam? that Sakura scarf that's been sitting on a stitch holder for a month?!

Nope! New project! New tam, actually. Using Crazy Aunt Purl's easy beret recipe, modified for size 8 and 10.5 needles, using a skein and change of Patons Rumor in Duberry Heather. Pictures:

Look Ma! DPNs!

Showed this one to a non-knitter and they said "... That's a hat...?"

Blocking! Yes I am actually blocking something.

The pattern was quick and easy and fun. I'd never used DPNs before, and Chris's advice ('think of them as just a bunch of cable needles') really helped. I am loving the bamboo, too - I'd have dropped so many stitches on metal or plastics. I used my Addi Turbos for the brim, I do quite like them as well. The yarn is very nice and soft, though I wish it weren't quite so hairy.

The verdict on the FO, though? Well, the jury is still out. I tried it on unblocked, and... Well I'm not sure if I just made a gigantic, ridiculous-looking mushroom or if I just look like crap with this kind of hat. The roommie is housesitting again so she's not here to tell me. I'm gonna wait till it's dry (that last shot is of it blocking with a plate in it, in the sink) and then try it again. Maybe bring it to work and ask the girls what they think. And yes there is a gaping hole in the top - I decided I was sick of decreasing and to hell with it, the stitches can be pulled together tight, right? Um. Yeah. Not quite. But I don't mind so much. (I'm more worried about the possibility of the whole thing being a complete failure, to be honest.)

In other news, if you want to have a laugh, try explaining a ball winder and swift to a non-knitter, very dirty-minded family. Somehow they ended up with, and this is a direct quote: "The balls whack the skank, and you can do it with your elbow, too."

Yeah, I don't know either.

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